LED Lighting & Electrical

APGS Lighting & Electrical service combines construction experience with a passion for money-saving and green technology.  APGS can guarantee clients the best LED technology by sourcing from Australian suppliers who demonstrate quality production and sustainable business practices to guarantee business longevity.

Everyone is switching to LED technology to provide their household lighting and save money. Commercial businesses, industrial factories and warehouses can make even more dramatic savings with minimal fuss, slashing their running costs and boosting their profit … with the switch of a light bulb!

LED (light emitting diodes) utilise the movement of electrons for power and light. That means, when compared to incandescent lightbulbs, LEDs:

Even when compared to compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), LEDs last 6 times longer, require no ‘warm up’ and are mercury free.

APGS is proud to partner with CherryLED, an Australian owned business with over 100 years experience in the energy and sustainable living professions. Like APGS, CherryLED is committed to a more liveable planet, a greener society and a reduced carbon footprint for local communities across Australia. By aligning with a business with similar goals, principles and passion, APGS clients can rest assured that they are dealing with a cutting-edge company that stands apart from the rest.

CherryLED globes are certified to Australian, CE and RoHS standards and come with a minimum 2 year guarantee. CherryLED have even been rigorously tested by the Melbourne Fire Brigade (MFB) for extra peace of mind!

Want to know how much carbon and dollars you could save? Check out the CherryLED calculator

For more information, have a look at our LED factsheets