17 Dec

$0 upfront for PV-T? APGS partners with Solar Financial Solutions

APGS have partnered with Solar Financial Solutions (SFS) to deliver great finance options for our business and residential customers. The financial products provided by SFS go beyond simply allowing APGS clients to ‘buy now and pay later’ – they can be a smart and easy way into the energy efficiency market.

SFS are a one-stop-shop for financing energy efficiency, from small household installations to million dollar commercial projects. SFS can offer a range of packages to suit APGS clients, including loans and rentals, without upfront payment of deposits. Even better, SFS have very low merchant fees for loan customers and an efficient approval process for fast installation.

Commercial clients reap the benefits of PV-T rental finance

As a commercial client of APGS, you can take advantage of the SFS Rental option to maximise your investment. With an SFS Rental finance arrangement, you can claim 100% tax deduction on the cost of your business’ PV-T install and avoid lengthy depreciation schedules that often come with purchasing an asset. You will get the immediate power savings of a PV-T system, whilst maximising your cash flow!

More information for Commercial clients here

Residential clients see PV-T benefits to their power bill on day one

Residential customers can access SFS Finance to reap the rewards of PV-T sooner! Why not use the savings from your power bill to pay back your rooftop PV-T system and save money – all from the very first day of installation!Solar Bills

More information for Residential clients here

For further information about SFS, visit Solar Financial Solutions


16 Oct


200 clean energy companies and only 2 days to see them all!

An overwhelming array of emerging and existing green technologies were presented at ‘All-Energy 2013’, providing a real insight into just how big (and exciting) the renewable industry is in Australia.

Looking around the exhibition it became quite obvious just how unique the Solimpeks panels really are – nothing else comes close to delivering such innovative, high-quality and tried and true technology.

Attending exhibitions such as All-Energy, enables us at APGS to keep up-to-date with all the new technology and bring only the best (and workable) bits back to Queensland for the benefit of our clients. A trip down south usually highlights just how far ahead some other states are in taking up, and providing incentives for, the use of green technology in homes, businesses and factories.

APGS strives to do it’s part in making Australian businesses, particularly those in regional and remote areas, highly competitive and sustainable. Particular interest for business, is the ever-growing uptake of LED in domestic applications and the opportunities to replicate this in buildings, factories and high energy-consuming industries.

The biggest standout at ‘All-Energy’ was CherryLED, an Australian owed company designing Australian LED technology.  APGS clients will stand to benefit from the uptake of LED so at this stage all we can say is ‘watch this space’ …

The younger generation would see the array on offer at ‘All-Energy’ as evidence that the tide in Australia really is turning away from fossil fuels and outdated technology.  The nostalgic amongst us would argue that it was a returning to the innovative spirit of yesterday - doing things differently to the orthodoxy – that once characterised Australia as a world leader punching well above it’s weight.

Whichever way you look at it, the sky is quite simply the limit (and in our case, the answer!)


26 Sep

Germany and Turkey in 10 days!

Konya, Turkey

factory in Turkey

At the Solimpeks factory: New business relationships (left); Head office in Konya (right)

Having a first-hand look at the workmanship and operations at Solimpeks head office in Turkey was a wonderful opportunity for our company - an opportunity to see for ourselves the quality in the production and in the organisation.

With the majority of PV on the market made overseas, it can be hard for the consumer to know what level of quality to expect and whether the company will be around long enough to honour it’s warranty. Our visit to the factory gives APGS clients peace of mind that their panels will go the distance.

Growing from small beginnings in 1973, Solimpeks is now the fifth biggest manufacturer of solar thermal panels in Europe with a presence in over 70 countries. It ranks in the top 10 in the global solar thermal market with operations in Turkey, Germany and Spain.

For such an expanding and successful company, we were completely surprised to learn that the business remains a family run enterprise. We were privileged to meet the third-generation owner operators and were truly impressed by both their business operations and their hospitality!

APGS thanks Solimpeks – manufacturers passionate about producing high-quality and green technology.

Viega factory

At the Viega factory: Viega Tee water-feature (right); A plumber’s nightmare! (left)

APGS had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Viega factory in Attendorn, getting up and close with the production line and meeting the passionate people behind the products. Quite simply, the stereotype of ‘German efficiency’ is completely true and well deserved!

APGS wishes to thank Tradelink for providing this opportunity to visit Germany and get a first hand look at the new products coming to Australia.


19 Sep

Solimpeks makes Australian history again with its Hybrid PV-Thermal solar panel

Previously registered with the CEC, Solimpeks has this week received confirmation that it is fully certified as part of a whole system on the Solar Hot Water Register, meaning it’s PV-T panels can be used in any residential, commercial or industrial application. There is no other solar panel in Australia that produces electrical output, has the Watermark certificate and is AS/NZS 2712 system registered.

The Solimpeks PV-T combines Solar PV and Solar Thermal technology, meaning it can deliver electricity and hot water from the same unit. With black-on-black cells and back sheet, it has the look and performance of an ultra high end solar panel.

Through its distribution network, Solimpeks PV-T panels have already been installed in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria with their ‘PV + Pool Heating’ application. This exciting news about the Solar Hot Water Register means that Solimpeks is now live with the ‘PV + Solar Hot Water ‘ application for use in any house.

Current applications for ‘PV + Solar Hot Water’ come in 1kW, l.6kW, 2kW and 2.4kW size systems. Each one is capable of providing the same PV output as a same size PV system, as well as hot water for the household.

A major benefit of this system is roof space saving, as it only takes up the same rooftop real estate as the same size PV system. As well as aesthetic benefits, this also means that the troubles of Solar PV and Solar Thermal installers vying for prime north facing roof space do not exist.

Additional roof space savings can be gained from having a ‘Tri-Gen’ system that provides Solar PV, Solar Hot Water and Solar Pool Heating, as one single PV-T solar array replaces three separate rooftop solar arrays. Hydronic heating can also be added to this equation, making it a ‘Quad-Gen’ system.

Solimpeks’ PV + Pool Heating’ has another benefit in that, in PV terms, it runs as a ‘cool system’, meaning that the PV output is greatly enhanced as it suffers from less heat degradation over 25°C.

Solimpeks PV-T has featured on a number of winning houses in the UK television series ‘Grand Designs’.

The current PV-T model sold in Australia, named ‘PowerVolt’, produces a peak 200W of electrical output and 619W of thermal output. It is eligible for Solar PV STCs and will be eligible for Solar Thermal STCs once approved by the Clean Energy Regulator (expected late 2013).

Solimpeks PV-T installs in exactly the same way as standard Solar PV and Solar Thermal, meaning any experienced installer can work with the system.

It is Solimpeks’ intention to directly take on the current major players in the solar hot water industry, as well as taking some market share from standalone PV. It believes that the future of rooftop solar is PV-T, and is proud to be the first player in this space in Australia.

The ‘PV + Solar Hot Water’ application is supported by Westech Solar tanks, which come with a 15 year warranty for stainless steel and 7 year warranty for vitreous enamel.

Solimpeks has been making Solar Thermal technology since 1973. PV-T has been in R&D for 1O years and has been sold in Europe since 2010. It is a top 5 manufacturer of European Solar Thermal panels, producing nearly 400,000m2 of collector each year.

Original article: http://solimpeks.com.au/solimpeks-makes-australian-history-again-with-its-hybrid-pv-thermal-solar-panel/


5 Jul

Another Solimpeks Hybrid PV-Thermal install, this one in Cairns Australia

Great visit in Cairns yesterday with our dealer up there, APGS. They’ve just finished their first Hybrid PV-Thermal install, a PV + Pool Heating application (pictured). The guys at APGS have got some very exciting commercial projects in the pipeline, the kind that will change the solar landscape forever. Can’t wait to hear more from them about it.

We were also lucky enough to see one of their solar thermal installs, a massive 30 tank system that they’re looking at supplementing with Hybrid PV-Thermal. What struck us most wasn’t actually the size of the system, but the incredible quality of work. (Original Article: www.solimpeks.com.au/2013/07/05)