APGS Plumbing Pool & Thermal

Using 20+ years of commercial plumbing construction knowledge and experience, APGS assesses the unique needs of each client and sources the best energy efficiency technology to deliver the best results – for home, business and commercial enterprises.

APGS is also the distributor for Solimpeks panels in North Queensland - the first panel of it's kind in Australia to offer PV solar capture and thermal hot water production in one highly efficient and sleek panel. By combining both PV and thermal technology, Solimpeks panels have higher output, save on roof space and are more durable than alternative roof top systems.

For business …

Our qualified and licensed staff can design a roof top system that slashes the electrical costs of running a business whilst delivering free hot water as a by-product. This unique technology will supply hot water fed through existing plumbing infrastructure (direct or via heat exchange) to dramatically reduce the ever-rising electricity costs involved in heating water.Solimpek PV-T Solar Energy

APGS can design and install Solimpeks to suit a range of applications including pool heating, commercial laundries, aquaculture and agriculture farms, hospitality, sanitation and cleaning facilities, hospitals and aged care residences, industrial factories and more. By using the sun to heat water AND produce electricity, commercial clients can take advantage of this unique technology to slash overhead costs and make a serious difference to their bottom line.

For home …

Households can slash their electricity bill dramatically through the use of energy efficient hot water systems. Solimpeks Hot Water System outperforms all other solar systems because the panels uniquely capture solar electricity whilst heating your water – all in one panel and all free from the sun.

An average electric hot water heater can chew 12kW per day. Even energy efficient split-system and close-coupled solar hot water systems require up to 5kW per day to run the booster and pumps that keep your water at temperature.

Solimpeks PV-T panels use 0kW! How? Because the energy they capture in the PV cells covers the power required to run the system and, even better, they produce excess electricity that can be used to run your fridge, washing machine or fed back into the grid. In fact, the average Solimpeks system can provide a household with an extra 110kW free electricity per month!

Maximise your hot water system and have it work FOR you!